Our Golf Cart - Marvella

Being a renowned name in the market, we are indulged in manufacturing and exporting the finest golf cart vehicles in standard designs and sizes. Made of quality material, good technical and electrical parts, we assure to develop completely furnished and secure golf cart for our valued patrons. The golf cart is a small vehicle that is designed to carry two golfers or passengers at one time. Designed precisely, this small vehicle is good enough to drive easily and comes in different formats as well. We are able to develop the golf cart in varied designs as per our clients' requirement.

A golf cart is used at golf playing site or ground by the players. This vehicle is easy to drive and also comes furnished with quality seats, which give total comfort to the golfers or passengers to sit properly and safely. We manage to manufacture this type of vehicle with the help of our team that includes professional engineers and technical experts. They are instrumental in developing standard and new models of golf carts according to their customized specifications and demand. Also, they can manufacture golf cart in different speeds and power strengths as per requirement of our patrons. Thus, we assure to deliver high-tech and new-edge technology based golf vehicles for the clients according to their demand.

Our developed golf carts are technically sound and come equipped with good electrical components as well. These small vehicles have made durable, and fuel efficient to give reliable service for many years. Apart from manufacturing golf cart, we are also able to remove defects and do quality repair & maintenance of the vehicle. For this, we have skilled technicians and engineers, who are able to fix any sorts of technical and mechanical faults of golf carts of all models and designs. Hence, we enable our patrons to get premium quality golf carts for their personal and commercial uses at reasonable charges.


✶ Latest designs
✶ Modern look
✶ Easy to drive
✶ Comfortable seats
✶ Different sizes
✶ Good speed
✶ Complete safety
✶Technically & Mechanically sound