Why TIK-TIEK™ & Divya-Rath™ E-Rickshaw

Our electric rickshaws are manufactured entirely in-house to ensure giving you the most reasonable prices
while delivering on superior quality.

Quality Features:-

No Compromise on Safety Features.
Corrosion Resistance Chassis.
Portable SMPS pulse charger with auto cut that saves electricity and enhances the battery life.
Heavy Duty Gear.
Heavy Duty Tyres
Fire Proof autograde wiring.
Comfortable Cusion Seats
Toughened Glass
Passenger Security Handles
High Grade Paint

Color Options

Tik-Tiek E-Rickshaw

Photo Gallery

Divyarath E-Rickshaw

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Comparison Table

Parts Description Other Companies Tik-Tiek
Motor Power 850 Watt 1000 Watt
Controller 24 Tubes 36 Tubes 50 Amp
Charger Chinese Fully Automatic SMPS
Body Mounted Nut Bolt Welded
Body Material 1.41 mm Automotive Grade 1.22 mm
Charging Socket Low Quality Imported Heavy Duty
Switch Combination Chinese Branded Minda Switch Combination
Chassis MS Pipe CR Pipe
Wiring Harness Low Quality Fire Proof with Fuse Box
Shockers Spring Shockers 38 mm Dia Hydraulic Shocker
Paint Powder Coating Oil Paint with Rust Proof Coating
Rear Axle Fission Axle Poor Breaking System Conjoined Rear Axle Advance Breaking System
Seat Cousin Low Quality Bucket Seat for more comfortableness





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