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1 Is registration applicable for vehicles?
Yes. Vehicle passed through CIRT or ARI or ICAT, after that state RTO approval.
2Is any insurance is available for battery operated vehicle?
3Will number plate get for battery operated vehicles?
4Is driving licence is compulsory for these vehicles?
Yes. As per Normal three wheeler Vehicles. Some state RTO has special category.
5What is the mileage of these vehicles?
80-100 kms depends on load, road surface and temperature.
6What is charging time for batteries of these vehicles?
6-7 hrs, depends on charger, with single phase supply of 15A socket and it requires 3-4 units for one time charging.
7How much weight it can be carry?
As per the Government rules 380 Kgs.
8For how much persons it is allowed?
(4 + 1) persons.
9Which type of service you provides and where?
Which type of service you provides and where?
10Are the required spare parts easily available?
Yes. At our authorised dealers place.
11How many batteries you are using in a vehicle? What is rating of each battery? What is life of Battery?
We are using 4 batteries in vehicles. Rating of each battery is 12 V and 100 – 105 Ah. Normally company provides 6 months warranty, it also depends on your maintenance, as per market report 8-9 months.*
12What is Battery replacement cost?
*Rs 15,000-20,000 / - with old exchange for 4 batteries.
13What is Running cost of the vehicle?
It is 60 to 90 paisa per kilometer depending upon battery warranty 6 month or 1 year. It includes charging cost 10 to 15 paisa per km.
14What are the terms and conditions of warranty you provide?
The warranty is for free repair or replacement against any manufacturing Defects or workmanship. Burning Condition not Acceptable. Warranty voids in case of Accident or ACT OF GOD and overload. For more please check our warranty card.
15How will i get finance?
It is for end customer not dealer and end customer paper has to be proper for finance otherwise private financer finance with less a paper with some extra interest cost.
16Where to get service of battery?
From local dealer or Local service centre or Franchisee of that respective company.
17Type and brand of battery?
Mostly Flat Plate, Pasted Plate Battery. Tubular Plate also available. Vehicle has to pass RTO with approved battery only. For replacement you can use any other brand.
18Is this Chinese rickshaw ?
No. This is made in India as per government norms & our vehicle is approved by CIRT (Pune). And only manufacturer can issue VIN Number and we issue VIN Number.
19What will be VAT rate ?
This vehicle comes under special category (Renewable Energy & Product) under sub head Battery Operated Vehicle & concessional excise rate 6% is applicable & mostly concessional vat rate is 4 % / 5 % or 5.5 % is applicable. In some state like Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh & Uttarakhand are Exempted.
20Is component are Chinese ?
Yes few component are Chinese & they are approved from CIRT (Pune) & it is allowed under custom to import that.
21Can you supply in CKD or SKD condition ?
No, we are approved manufacturer, we can only supply complete rickshaw. CKD & SKD is not allowed.
22How it is transport ?
It goes in CAR Carrier 4 / 6 / 8 or 10. In 10 Car carrier 20 to 24 Rickshaw can be loaded including both deck (upper and lower).
23Can we charge E-Rickshaw by Solar Panel ?
Current from solar panel can not fulfill the charging requirements of E-Rickshaw. Research and Development work is in progress, may be in near future we will provide Solar E-Rickshaw.
24Can we use other type of battery like Lithium ion ?
In replacement market you can choose any battery any brand and capacity. Lithium ion is also available for these segment with cost almost 2.5 times and life 3 times and best advantage is quick charging time. It can be charged with higher amp charger say 25 amp so charging time reduced substantially.
25Do require permit ?
No - As per notification date 30.08.2016 it is abolished till state government pass rules in assembly.
26Do Meter required ?
Yes. Till now Maharashtra state has made compulsory and Gujarat has exempted till 31.03.2017. other state yet to decide.
27Is their any fix Colour for E Rickshaw ?
Yes. it is compulsory in few state, I.e. Gujarat (Green Body and Yellow Roof)and other state yet to decide.
28What about Maharashtra State Approval ?
As per notification MVR-0515/CR 262/TR-2, Dated - 02.09.2016, Whose has Certificate of CIRT, ICAT, ARAI & VRDE for E Rickshaw are approved in Maharashtra, Now Dealer & Manufacturing Company has to approach local RTO for Trade Certificate & Registration.