FAQ for Golf Cart

No, its off road vehicle can run within compound or campus. (hotel/ airport/railway station etc.)
We use on average 2 - 3 year if batteries are maintained.
Batteries themselves will cost anywhere from Rs. 60000 to 65000 plus installation etc.
The water level should be checked approx ones a month, battery cable should be cleaned because a poor connection will heat up and could melt your battery terminal.
With new batteries average is 60 to 70 km depending on terrain and payload. Charging take 10 to 12 hrs.
No, but your banker can finance under total project cost.
Yes, small modification is possible.
No, license not required because this vehicle use within campus.
Using high end quality material in chassis, body, suspension, batteries, lighting, drive system etc.
It is very easy, just maintain battery water level once in a month and change gear oil every four month.
Yes, company will provide 2 free service in warranty period.
The warranty is for free repair or replacement against any manufacturing defects or workmanship. Burning Condition not acceptable. Warranty voids in case of Accident or ACT OF GOD and overload. For more please check our warranty card.
60 to 80 km. Depends upon load, road surface and temperature.
Topping required every 15 to 20 days. You have to use distilled water. It is available in battery shops and petrol pumps.
No, It is OFFROAD vehicle to run within compound or campus (Like Hospital / Airport / Railway Station / Hotel etc.).
No, But your banker can finance under total project cost.





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