1. Wiring Safety:

  • Wiring is laminated (covered) with outer PVC sleeve to protect from fire as well as any other damages.

  • Wiring is spread above the vehicles not from below, so as to protect it from water and damages.

  • All wiring is covered with hat section to protect it and passenger also.

2. Electrical safety:

  • We have provided MCB to cut off the supply after battery.

  • We also have provided battery cut off switch in circuit to cut off the supply of vehicle.

  • Additional key switch is also provided to cut off the supply of whole circuit in vehicle.

  • When you are going to charge the battery then you have to unplug the male female socket, then circuit will get opened, and supply will cut off.

3. Mechanical Safety:

  • Vehicle has provided hand brake with hand brake switch for parking safety; hand brake switch will cut off the motor supply.

  • For reverse, reverse light has been provided at back side of vehicle.

  • Brake light is also provided to back side of vehicle.

  • Indicator (Right and Left) lamps are also provided at front and back side.

  • For Parking, Parking Lamps are also provided.

  • To protect the passengers from rain and dust, we have provided side cover, roof cover and back cover.

  • Brake switch is also provided at pedal brake, when it is applied motor supply will cut off.

  • Front glass with frame is provided for diver safety.





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